Narcissistic Abuse Can Cause Autoimmune Disorders

Did you know that people who have experienced narcissistic abuse are more likely to have an autoimmune disorder? Why, because they can be brought on by stress. Sad, huh?

I think this is so unfair. We did our best to be a good child, partner, or associate to the personality disordered only to be punished with a condition that we will carry for the rest of our lives. Well, so it seems to me some days.

I know our genetics is a huge factor in our health. I also know that environment can turn some disorders “on”. What are we to do with the situation we now find ourselves in?

If we have escaped to freedom we may be single parents and have to work full-time. Having an autoimmune disorder means we have less energy than we should. We also don’t physically handle stress as well as other people. Somedays it feels like we are swimming through jello and our minds are fuzzy.

Then we have the specific way our autoimmune disorder impacts our health. Sometimes this causes even more tiredness, pain, stomach problems, trouble thinking clearly, needing more sleep and rest than others, and the list goes on and on.

How do we live and function in a way that keeps our life on track? How do we bring home the bacon when we can barely get out of bed in the morning?

I think it takes extreme mental strength and force of will to push through the fatigue and foggy brain and do what has to be done.

When you are able to admit your weaknesses and set up your life to help you live well with what you are up against it will be easier.

Here are some ideas to help you live better:

Know what wears you out and plan accordingly. If running errands all day exhausts you either run one a day or plan in extra time to rest after. If working full-time eventually catches up to you plan a day of rest on the weekend. That may mean staying in bed all day or not leaving the house.

Keep your stress level as low as possible. Set up the way you live to be as low-stress as you can. If your job stresses you out you may have to find a new place to work or switch to another career path. It can take a while to figure out what works best for you. I quit my healthcare job after getting covid and realized how much my job was stressing me out. Tough decision but I feel better physically now.

Leave toxic relationships or keep as much distance from them as possible.

Find your voice. Learn to say no. It’s okay to do less than other people or families. You know your limits and it’s good to protect yourself from doing too much.

Eat well. There are special autoimmune diets you can try which may help you have more energy and calm your condition. I know what I should and should not eat. When I eat too many “treats” I am more tired. Experiencing better health by eating better is a great motivator to stick to an eating plan.

Keep up with your check-ups and medical care. There are some interesting alternative treatments to try. It’s important to find a medical provider you can trust to help you stay healthy.

Be careful with exercise. Working out too hard can be a physical stressor that may cause a flare-up. This is one of those things you may have to research and then experiment with to get right. In some seasons you may have to focus more on rest than exercise.

Educate yourself. Reading up on your condition can help you live a better life. This will probably be an ongoing process as more is learned about autoimmune disorders and your specific condition.

Hope. There is hope to live a good life even if your immune system is disordered. Our minds have more power than we sometimes think over how we feel.

Summing Up

My father, who was into alternative healing, once told me that one of the root causes of thyroid disorders was not being able to speak up for yourself. To help heal you have to stop taking things without a word of protest. I remember his guidance when I’m working on being assertive.

Leaving a toxic relationship can improve your autoimmune disorder greatly. You may not realize how badly you felt until you have been gone for a while. Once things settle down you can take better care of yourself and find improved physical health. Yay!

Living in freedom and peace heals our bodies too.

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