How To Experience a Meaningful Moment Each Day Show Notes


Hi! Welcome to episode 50.

As we live our busy lives it can be difficult to live in the moment. Learning to live in the moment at least some of the time is healing and helps you break bad thought habits. It’s important to see the beauty in our everyday lives and embrace the gifts we are given each day.

After a busy day pushing myself through my fatigue I realize I had forgotten to experience my life. This is not how I want to live so I took some time that day to observe the world around me and appreciate spending time with my children.

Going through trauma can keep us in survival mode. When we stop and look for something beautiful in each day this breaks the trauma habit and helps us learn to relax and enjoy life again.

In this episode I cover:
Living in the moment.
Embracing the seasons and where we live.
Examples of special daily moments.
The gratitude list.
Find beauty even on the worst days.
Slowing life down.
Pulling meaning from our lives and the world around us.

Have a wonderful week,

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