Find a Special Moment Each Day

I get so caught up in work and living that I forget to stop and look around.

It is Autumn where I live. The weather is still warm and pleasant outside. The leaves are changing color to add one last bright moment to the year before winter descends.

I am doing my best to absorb as much of the beauty around me so it can help me get through the winter. I dread winter every year. This year I am trying to stay in the moment and find something to enjoy each day instead of worrying about the days ahead. My hope is that I will be able to enjoy this winter and the holidays instead of waiting to rush through them to get to Spring.

Living through tough times can be like how I want to rush through the winter. We just want to survive it and get it over with.

There are always bright spots to celebrate and treasure to help you through difficult days. We have to avoid going into such despair on the bad days that we can’t see the good days ahead.

It’s a battle for our minds. We can’t get so busy doing that we forget to live. The day goes by and we are falling into bed before we have stopped to take a moment to look around.

I want to find a special moment in each day. I want to look back over my life and see a parade of special moments pass by.

A special moment doesn’t have to be expensive, rare, or fancy. It can be something like:

  1. A hug from your child.
  2. A playful moment with someone.
  3. A compliment from your neighbor.
  4. Observing a beautiful scene from your home or on your drive to work as it changes with the seasons.
  5. A phone call from a friend.
  6. Anything out of the norm that makes you pause and think for a moment.

Let’s mark the days of our lives with significance instead of just ticking them off as if they are part of our to-do list. All we have is right now.




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