Do You Suffer From Nightmares After Narcissistic Abuse?

After years of experiencing physical, psychological, or emotional abuse you may be suffering from nightmares about those who abused you even if you are now free.

Have you ever wondered if you could be free of horrible dreams?

The first step in taking action is questioning whether you have to live with a situation you are in. Another question to answer is what the dreams are telling you about where you are in your healing.

Now that you have acknowledged and accepted the situation you can take action.

Here’s a great article to help you make some changes that could help reduce nightmares:

10 ways to conquer adult nightmares and get better sleep

My Favorite Suggestions

Practice stress-relieving activities such as exercise. I enjoy going for walks in nature. There is something about getting outside that puts things into proper perspective for me.

Journal your worries. Journaling or talking about your worries brings them out of hiding and helps to set you free from them. I find laughing at myself when I’m worrying more than usual helps me let go and get on with living.

Imagery rehearsal therapy. Write down the dream then rewrite it so that it ends positively. I tried this by thinking about my nightmares and what was going on in them. I changed the ending in my imagination and the next nightmare I had ended with me speaking my truth and standing up for myself. Amazing!

Take good care of your mental health. I believe our dreams show us how much work we have left to do. I find that more intense nightmares go along with deeper healing.

A More Complex Problem

The following article covers many suggestions for the treatment of stubborn nightmares:

How to Prevent Nightmares

If you aren’t able to work through the nightmares on your own there is help available through counseling, therapy, and medications.

I think it’s important to know there is help available and that we aren’t stuck with our nightmares for the rest of our lives.

We are living in freedom and we should have freedom in our dreams as well.

Have you started to kick the nightmares out of your mind? How did you do it?

❤ Julia

First published on Medium, February 6, 2023.

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