Can You Work With Kids in the House?

Can You Work With Kids in the House?

I used to be able to write and not lose my concentration even with my children in the same room. I could look at them and answer questions as I continued to type. Some days that was the only way to get my writing done with a house full of children.

Now I have the privilege of being able to write while they are at school. School days are the best days to get important things done without interruption.

When you write with frequent interruptions you have to be able to get back into a flow state quickly. I use a writing playlist to help me get into and stay in flow. I like the list, Music For Writing, from Spotify. After using this playlist consistently for over a year I have trained my brain to get to work when I hear it.

If I’m writing while my children are home I expect a few interruptions and do my best to get the work done while they are busy with something else.

How to Write With Children Around

Here are some tips and tricks I’ve used over the years with younger children to sneak in writing time.

Ask them to give you some time to work.

Make sure they are engaged in an activity before you start writing.

Work is a designated writing space and teach your children that is where you work and to respect that you are working.

Lock the door if you really need peace and quiet. Tell the children first so they know you are going to be working for a set amount of time and that you will check in with them when you are finished. Make sure they know what they are allowed to come to you for beforehand.

Set a timer and offer a reward if the children can make it until the timer goes off.

Tips for Writing with Little Ones Who Need to Be With You

Give them a notebook and pens or pencils and they can “write” while you write.

Set aside special toys that only come out while you are writing.

Let the children play with a collection of things that belong to you. You can find magnetic tiles, coffee table books, and any toys you have from your childhood that will mesmerize them for long stretches of time.

They can look through photo albums, boxes of miscellaneous items, and other “treasures” that you only let them use once in awhile. Encourage them to make up stories about the items or tell them the history of each object. My children liked to tell each other about things that had a “history” in our family.

I hope this helps you find some time to write or work while your children are near. I have fond memories of my children as toddlers sitting near me and playing quietly while I worked.



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